Enterprise Resource Planning has been our forte for the past 3 decades; we have gained in-depth knowledge in understanding client needs and priorities as well as the common pitfalls that hamper successful ERP software. True ERP software is often referred to as the DNA of your business because everything you do operationally is taken over by the ERP application and information for decision making comes from it. If you want to establish a high performing organization with satisfied clients, minimum cash flow issues and fine-tuned working capital, then ERP software is your only solution.

Fixed Asset Management

Our Fixed Asset Management software enables you to master your investment strategies and plan with confidence. The embedded software features bound to optimize asset utilisation, allowing the prevention of unnecessary costs and maximization of your return on investment.

Payroll & HRM Management System

Irrespective of the size of the business, payroll plays a major role in nurturing employee morale and reflecting the financial stability and reputation of the business. With FiNAC Payroll, experience a fully automated, parameterized payroll function with a significant reduction of delays and errors, paving the way for an efficient business operation.


Ajanthan Sivathas
Former Head of Information Technology

Unilever Sri Lanka (USL)has been engaged with Datamation Systems (Pvt) Ltd. since 1995, in the capacity of providing ICT services to enable excellence in our Redistribution and Sales Force Automation operations. Datamation Systems have been of service to USL for over two decades in areas such as implementing FiNAC to our Distributor network , Integration with SAP, Facilitating Supply Chain Customer Service, Field support for Sales Force Automation, Software Development, Quality Assurance and Third party software implementation and support. Currently we have a team of Datamation employees working directly from our Head Office to ensure that our entire redistribution operation provides on time deliveries with real time data analytics to enable decision making at every point of the Order to Cash cycle. The Datamation Team is a unit which is totally dedicated, motivated and operates with complete project ownership. They are well Managed and highly coordinated by the Datamation Head Office, as a result of which the attrition rate of the outsourced employees from Datamation is negligible. USL is very happy with the quality of delivery and service excellence in a field of rapid changes. Datamation has withstood both the challenge of time and the continuous demand for process improvements to ensure our redistribution operation goals are met.

Mr.Susantha Ratnayake
John Keells Holdings Ltd
Former Chairman/CEO

We have been working with Datamation Systems since 1988 and we still continue with their software development services. In the past, many of our group companies, such as Hotels, Employment, Diamond Manufacturing, Airlines etc have implemented FiNAC. Our experience with Datamation was that it provides a reliable and consistent service throughout the period. Datamation has a unique strategy in retaining employees and domain expertise which is a key reason we utilize their services. Their integrity, reliability and commitment towards client satisfaction has been consistent throughout the period. I wish them the very best in their journey to migrate FiNAC into a SAAS based ERP targeting the global market